Fortex     Analgesic Spray Rubbing Oil

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What is Fortex   Analgesic Spray Rubbing Oil?

Fortex Spray is a powerful topical analgesic medication in liquid form. It works directly on joints and muscles. Fortex relieves the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, muscle soreness, muscle sprains and spasms, plantar fasciitis and backache. Spray and rub it on where it hurts! 

Fortex contains a high concentration of methyl salicylate - 40%, and a specially refined arachis oil (peanut oil-high in essential fatty acids), provides an extremely powerful, effective, and safe medication in liquid form for external
​use only.

Once Fortex Spray is rubbed on or soaked where it hurts,
​the spray rubbing oil reaches deep to the site of pain. Fortex allows you better movement and mobility...without the side effects often associated with tablets or capsules.

Fortex can be used either alone, or with oral (tablets and capsules) pain medications for arthritis or muscle soreness.